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LabiKnow Tools & Features Getting started Guide


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Getting Started Video Guide
What is HelpDesk or HelpCenter?
How to Setup HelpDesk?
How to Setup and Customize my HelpDesk Center?
Search Engine Optimization Settings for HelpDesk
Search Engine Optimization Settings for Articles
Search Engine Optimization Settings for Categories
How to point custom domain to LabiKnow?

Announcements & Updates

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What are Updates & Announcements for?
LabiKnow for User Announcements
LabiKnow for Changelog
LabiKnow for NPS Surveys
How to Post Updates & Announcements?


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How can users contact you?
Tickets that users create, where do they go?
How to Install Widget onto your website?
How to customize Widget?

Online Editor

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How to add video?
How to add a photo?
How to add a divider?
How to add a button?
How to add highlighter?
How to add code?
How to edit text?
How to Add a link to the Article or Update?