What are Updates & Announcements for?

Hey LabiKnowers,

It is a very good question!

And the answer is easy:

To Keep your Users in the loop with all the updates, changes, upcoming events, bugs, fixes and much more!

Your users are the key to your business success! Keeping them updated shows how much you care about them and they pay you back with higher LTV

Here are a few options how you can use the updates feature with LabiKnow:

  • LabiKnow for Boosted Announcements

  • LabiKnow for Release Notes

  • LabiKnow for User Announcements

  • LabiKnow for Changelog

  • LabiKnow for NPS Surveys

  • LabiKnow for Improvement Updates

  • LabiKnow for Downtime, Maintenance Updates

  • LabiKnow for Bug Fixes Updates

  • LabiKnow for New Feature Updates

And much more! You can literally use it for any updates that take place in your service or product!

Enjoy! ?

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