What is HelpDesk or HelpCenter?

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Helpdesk is the page on your website which your customers or end users turn to, when they search for information and customer support related to your product or service.

Helpdesk is the center of communication between customers and business. It helps significantly reduce the number of repetitive incoming requests (tickets, emails) with similar questions. Self service helpdesk is a bliss and time savior for any online business. And it increases the overall customer support satisfaction level, as users are provided with resourceful, organized and easily searchable information and answers to their questions or concerns.

So what HelpDesk is good for? Why do so many companies create HelpDesk Knowledge Bases for their customers?

Customer Onboarding

Customer Education

Self Service Customer Support

Brand Status & Reputation- it differs you from unprofessional businesses

Makes life easier for your customers

Easy Customer Support Setup for your Business

Tickets/ Email Routing

Customer Feedback and Reactions

And much more. HelpDesk is no longer an option. It is a must have page for every business! Its a standard by which customers will evaluable whether to choose your product or service instead of your competition.

Well, if you have already ended up here, it means you are on the right path!

Setup your very own, Customizable HelpDesk Now.

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